Tree Pruning in Grande Prairie

Benefits of Tree Pruning

Pruning is essential as it helps in keeping trees healthy. The removal of the dead or infected branches will ensure that your tree grows healthy and strong. Besides, pruning ensures the trees do not pose a threat to anyone or property. If the tree is infected, pruning is a way to ensure that you limit infection from spreading.

The pruning process will also encourage the production of fruits. Should fruit production be desired there are many reasons to prune. The main reason is to keep your tree healthy. Pruning is more complicated than removing branches, what’s the objective and reason behind pruning? What is your end goal? By not pruning correctly you can cause more damage than good. There is a lot of well intended information on the internet but it is usually more harmful than good.

Having overgrown trees or branches that are hanging can limit the curb appeal of your home.

Call us to keep your trees beautiful and healthy.

Topping is not Pruning 

Topping is a malicious and harmful practice, and has been known to be such for over 100 years. It drastically reduces the trees life span and safety and increases maintenance cost is the tree survives. In 1923, topping was deemed an unethical practice by the International Shade Tree convention.

Why You Should Hire Grande Prairie’s Pruning Professionals

The pruning process is not as simple as most people assume. Without the right skills, experience, and education you will not be able to determine the trees that are in a poor state. That is why you need to hire the professionals at Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd. We are Trained to examine the trees and determine that those that need pruning, and those that need additional attention and care.

Professionals will also come already familiar with your trees, and shrubs with the right tools needed to handle the project. If you do not have the right tools, you might cause an accident or even cause property damage. Tree care is one of the highest injury fields on record, so let the properly trained and equipped help keep you and your trees safe. At Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd, we have the right tools and skills needed to handle the project.


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