Our Safety Guarantee

At Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd, you can rest assured knowing that we employ the strictest safety standards and adhere to them.

We carry Commercial General Liability insurance in order to protect your trees, home, or place of business.
We follow ANSI Z133 Safety Standards.
We adhere to the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta requirements.

About Fall Protection in Arboriculture:

We don’t fall in Arboriculture.

There are an average of three falls a week in this industry. At Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd. we provide hands on learning for all our staff and pride ourselves on our safety culture and record.
Our staff is trained in how to mitigate falls up to a maximum of 3 feet.

Our fall protection systems are not under the same umbrella as IRATA or SPRAT
We do not create or use engineered anchors, which is why for example Firefighters cannot use our access line to conduct aerial rescues.