Your Local Tree Doctor

Its like this. Would you take your pet to some well intended person who read a few Veterinary journals, or an actual Veterinarian? It is the same with tree care. Let your local Certified Arborist look after one of your biggest assets, your trees. The crew at Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd, are educated, certified, and trained in tree care.

Arborist Services in Grande Prairie

Trees are a crucial resource, and that is why you should ensure that you get the best care from a Certified Arborist who specializes in tree health. Our team is experienced and has been working with local homeowners and parks to ensure that their trees are healthy. We are well-trained, knowledgeable, and passionate about taking care of trees.

We believe in customer satisfaction, and that is why our professional team takes the time to listen to you and help you with any issues you have with your trees. If you have any tree-related concerns, you should call Alpha & Omega Tree Services for the top arborist in Grande Prairie.


Pruning is the art and science of removing the least amount of material to reach your objective. There are many reasons to prune and many reasons not to prune. Pruning is essentially wounding your tree, with risks and benefits that need to be weighed.

Pruning your trees accurately ensures that they keep growing and helps in training them. Our team takes regular on-job training seminars to ensure that they are well-versed in the latest scientifically based standards. It is essential to us at Alpha & Omega Tree Services to ensure that you are satisfied, so we will take the time and prune your tree carefully.

Tree Education

At Alpha & Omega Tree Services, we believe that the best way to care for trees is to educate homeowners. 
We have accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years and are well versed in interaction of trees and their urban environment. Being familiar with the environment of your tree and how it will react to landscaping practices sets you and your tree up for success. Our team will help you and your family appreciate and enjoy your trees, shrubs, and vines.

Tree Planting

Planting trees requires careful thought because you need to consider soil type, growth space, and tree species. Different trees require varying conditions to do well, and we understand that. Our team is knowledgeable with hundreds of tree species and will help you choose the best ones for your property.

Let us create a tree planting plan and landscape design if desired that will allow your urban landscape to thrive.


Future plans for your yard and current uses can have many affects on your trees. Before anything is done with a tree a full assessment is required to determine the health, safety and stresses that the tree may be undergoing or could be exposed to.
Consultations also lay the foundation for objectives and baselines for treatment options. A consultation also helps with early detection of pest and disease potentials. After your consultation is completed, you will receive a  quote that lays out all treatment options with pricing. Call us and book your consultation today.

Tree Care and Maintenance

Our team has a keen interest in providing the best care for your trees, shrubs, and vine
we will show you how to spot diseases, pest, and irrigation problems.

When Hiring an Arborist

There are many people in the tree care industry, but very few are tree care professionals. It is important that the people you hire are certified and qualified in tree care.

Here are questions to help you select a tree care professional.

    1. Ask for proof of certification and verify it here. (It has been known for companies to steal ISA numbers to appear certified)
    2. Do you follow the industry standards?
    3. Can they tell you they follow the ANSI – A300 standards. If they can’t tell you what these are then don’t let them touch your trees.
    4. Ask for years experience and references.
    5. What are their specialities? Care vs. Removal
    6. Ask for WCB and Liability insurance.  
What Our Clients Say

What Can Your Grande Prairie Arborist Help You With?

  • Access/ Protect Stuctures
  • Aeration and Mulching
  • Aerial inspection
  • Appraisal and Reports
  • Blight Pruning
  • Border and Woody Perennials Bed
  • Bracing
  • Cabling
  • Co-dominant Selection
  • Consultation
  • Correction of improper landscaping practices
  • Crown Raise
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Deadwood Pruning
  • Debris removal
  • Diotomeceaus earth application
  • Dynamic Support System Inspection and Adjustment
  • Dynamic Support System Installation
  • Epicormic Sprout Management
  • Fall Fertilizing
  • Foliar/ Soil Analysis
  • Fungal Infection Monitoring
  • Fungal Infection Prevention Pruning
  • Herbicide application
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Landscape Design
  • Monitor for Pests
  • Mulch/ Arborist chips
  • Pest control
  • Pesticide application
  • Planting
  • Prevention of current disease or insect spread
  • Reduction Pruning – Fruit
  • Reduction Pruning – Storms
  • Restoration pruning
  • Retrenchment Pruning
  • Root Barrier Installations
  • Root Collar Examinations
  • Shaping/Topiary
  • Spring Fertilizing
  • Staking
  • Storm damage repair
  • Structure Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Trail System Proposal and Development
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Viewpoint Restoration
  • Windfirmness pruning
  • Wound Tracing

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