Arborist Consultations in Grande Prairie

What a Consultation Looks Like.

Much like taking your pet to the vet, there is a cost. When we provide consultation, we too do a full health and safety examination, give advice and direction and spend time educating our clients. We also will send a quote afterwards. But the benefits to your trees exceed the cost.

Having our Certified Arborist come and inspect the tree(s), shrubs, and vines on your property allows us to give you an accurate quote as possible. This reduces the risk of surprise costs. The consultation also allows the Arborist to be familiar with and understand the history and environment of your trees, shrubs, and vines prior to arrival.

During the consultation, our Certified Arborist will spend an average of thirty minutes (depending on if in town or on acreage) inspecting the health and condition of your tree(s), going from the roots to the top of the tree looking for anything pertaining to tree care.

While the consultation is going on we encourage our clients to ask questions about their trees, shrubs or vines that are being looked at. By knowing about what to look for and constantly educating ourselves we can work better as a team to help keep our trees, shrubs and vines healthy and strong.

 Consultations also help the Certified Arborist present plans and options for the client for the desired outcome that the client is hoping for.
After your consultation, you will be presented with a quote for any prescribed work for your approval.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Arborist

Trees are an essential resource as they give off oxygen, reduce the effects of flooding and prevent soil erosion. They are habitats for pollinators, birds, and other wildlife crucial to a healthy ecosystem. Trees increase resale values between 10-19% depending on the market. Studies have shown that trees increase mental and physical well-being. An arborist has received training on taking care of trees and helping them thrive.

Help with Tree Planting

A good arborist consultant will help you with picking the right trees for your property. Bear in mind that you will need to select the trees carefully to ensure that you choose species that are likely to do well in your area. Soil type and weather will guide your choice.

If you are planning to plant new trees on your property, contact us. Our Arborist will help you select a quality tree from suitable stock from reputable growers. Most nurseries have trees that do not meet the standards required for the long term success of the tree. Proper planting practices are selecting the right species/variety for the right space and this will ensure long term enjoyment. Recent studies found that the average life span of an urban tree is 12 years this is unacceptable and completely preventable.

Tree Health Assessment

This is primarily for companies or owners of large quantities of trees. These companies and owners would require these services when doing inventory where each tree would get a health rating. Other instances would be for maintenance planning and property values.

Tree Appraisal Reports

This reports helps owners know the value of their tree(s). This is useful in the circumstance of damage to one’s tree by accident or malicious acts of individuals or other businesses. An example could be land trespassing or herbicide damage.

Tree Protection Plans for Development

Often people buy properties to develop because of the trees. When developing the plans, first contact us to work with you and the developers to develop a protection plan. This is typically, but not exclusively, used on acreages with natural forest.