Tree Maintenance Grande Prairie

At Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd, we know that the trees on your property are valuable assets. That’s why our expert team of professionals wants to make sure that your trees stay healthy throughout their lives. Located in Grand Prairie, our team of experts can help you with any tree-related needs

As Certified Arborists, we are required to follow ANSI A300 standards and are dedicated to providing ethical tree care.

Because we follow ANSI A300 this means we will not:

    • make unnecessary heading cuts
    • cut off the branch collar (not make a flush cut)
    • top or lion’s tail trees (ask us about other methods to reduce your tree crown)
    • remove more than 25 percent of the foliage of a single branch
    • remove more than 25 percent of the total tree foliage in a single year
    • damage other parts of the tree or other trees during pruning
    • use wound paint
    • prune without defined objectives and specifications
    • climb the tree with climbing spikes

Tree Pruning

When you want your trees to stay healthy and free from damage, it’s best to prune them occasionally. This is something you want to leave to the professionals so our team of experts can evaluate your trees and prune any limbs that may be damaged, decayed, or could cause problems in the future.

Soil Improvements

The roots of your trees are incredibly important and they rely on the soil quality to maintain good health and growth. If the soil is compacted, low in nutrients, or doesn’t drain well, then the tree can be negatively affected. At Alpha & Omega Tree Services Ltd, we can help to improve the health of the soil. Using techniques such as radial trenching and vertical mulching, our team will ensure that the soil around your trees is nutrient-rich and contributes to optimal health.

Root Collar Examination & Surgeries

Sometimes bad landscaping practices can cause root problems. One of those problems is the formation of stem girdling roots (SGR’s). Those SGR’s can choke the tree to death. We can repair this damage and have saved many trees.

Insect Control

Insects can devastate your trees and cause a huge amount of damage. If you think that your tree may have a pest infestation, it’s best to contact us promptly. Our approach to controlling insects is to first identify the culprit. After we know what pest is causing the damage, we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Keep in mind that our tailored approach is designed to only control the insect causing the infestation. Many insects are beneficial to have so our team will design a program that protects your trees from damage while also conserving beneficial organisms. We follow the Integrated Pest Management Procedures, as any pesticide applicator should know and follow. Pesticide use is a last resort treatment.

Disease Control

Your trees may also experience diseases that can harm or even kill them. Fungi, bacteria, and even environmental stresses can cause disease in your trees. You may notice that your trees don’t seem healthy but it’s very difficult to diagnose the problem when you’re not an expert. Accurate diagnosis is essential to designing an effective treatment program. Our team will do a thorough evaluation to find the root cause of the problem and then recommend a treatment plan for your trees. Once again, prompt treatment is often a key factor so make sure that you reach out early when you start noticing problems. Often people reach out to us when they see a problem. By this point it could be too late to save your tree. With regular checks and maintenance we can help ward off these devastating issues.

Tree Maintenance Contract

We offer yearly contracts to maintain your trees, shrubs and vines to keep them healthy and strong. Early detection for disease and insects through targeted monitoring is critical to prevent these tree care issues, but in a cost effective way.