About Us

Alpha & Omega Tree Services has been serving the Grande Prairie area since 2016. Our Certified Arborist Darrin has 30 years of studying and experience with tree care. Darrin holds all our apprentices to the high standards that he himself follows and encourages and supports them in their pursuit of education and additional training in tree care.

We are a company that is passionate about tree preservation. We are not just passionate about residential and commercial trees; Darrin has 20 plus years in forestry. Trees are a major asset in helping reduce Greenhouse emissions, strengthen mental health, property worth, and beautify communities. By working with all levels of government, local businesses and individual citizens we can help maintain and strengthen a renewable resource and keep our forests, parks, and private property beautiful and healthy which helps our future generations. As well, keeping our trees safe and properly maintained it allows people to safely explore through camping, walking/hiking or other recreational devices with minimal tree-related risks.

You will notice we don’t call ourselves experts. That is because the field of tree care is always changing and growing like the trees we work on. We call ourselves professionals because we provide ethical tree care, continue to educate ourselves, learn from our peers and follow strict standards and guidelines.